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Alternative Payment Models (APMs)

This module helps clinicians understand Alternative Payment Models, including which models qualify as Advanced, and how to determine who is a qualified participant. 

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Why is this module important?

Alternative Payment Models (APM) give added incentive payments to clinicians who provide high-quality and cost-effective care. One of the primary goals of the Quality Payment Program is to move as many clinicians as possible into Advanced APMs. Different models have different incentives and different financial risks built into the model, and some are based on certain populations or clinical conditions.  Not every locality or specialty, and thus not every practice, has an APM available, and not every practice will meet the criteria to join an APM in their market. 

How will the resources listed in this module help the user?

This module will help clinicians, office managers, and others in medical practices understand the advantages of being in an Advanced APM and help identify existing programs in their region. In order to join one of these entities, practices should be ready to show that they have made the necessary improvements to their practice to provide high quality care for lower costs. This module will provide resources to help practices toward the goal of becoming a successful participant in an APM.