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Welcome to the Quality Payment Advisor®

There is nothing simple about CMS' Quality Payment Program (QPP). Nevertheless, it is how clinicians are being paid and ACP wants to give internists and sub specialists the best chance possible to succeed in the program. As payment reform shifts the paradigm from payment for volume to payment for quality and outcomes, ACP is giving its members the tools necessary to successfully maneuver through the QPP moving forward.

The Quality Payment Program, which began in 2017, combined several incentive programs, including PQRS, Meaningful Use, and the Value-Based Modifier program, into one combined program. Eligible clinicians must choose to participate either in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) or an Alternative Payment Model (APM). The Quality Payment Advisor® is designed to help clinicians and practices decide which pathway is best and how to implement and maximize success in the Quality Payment Program. 

How This Tool Works

The Quality Payment Advisor® is an educational tool that is intuitive to the needs of clinicians participating in the Quality Payment Program. Starting with determining who is eligible for the Quality Payment Program, which reporting pathway is best, as well as quality measure/activity selection and implementation, the Quality Payment Advisor® provides a systematic approach to succeed in the Quality Payment Program. Each question offers information and resources to guide the user through the algorithm toward understanding which pathway is most appropriate for their practice. The modules provide guidance and resources to select measures and activities and help implement selected measures. It should be noted that this tool cannot help with all measures or activities but to the extent possible the ACP hopes that it proves to be useful in implementing quality measures and activities most commonly applicable to internal medicine and sub-specialty practices.